In 1977, Ferdinand A. Porsche (Designer of Porsche sports cars) was commissioned by Rossimoda to design the first RM shoe. The concept was to create a professional driving shoe. This led to the use of exceptionally flexible leather and a sole that extended over the toe and heel. Thus protecting both sides of the shoe from wear and tear, experienced while driving.


All aspects of the shoe were intricately researched. Made from mixed micro porous rubber which qualities of elasticity, flexibility and lightness contribute to the highly comfortable fit of the shoe. The Carpet lining of the shoe ensures precise transpiration. The surface that touches the foot is lined with a very soft carpet to guarantee maximum comfort.

The sole

The quality more than anything else makes this shoe unique. The exclusive projection of the soles are designed in order to optimize the use of pedals during driving. Ensuring an optimum support to the heel.


The classic line is combined with high-quality leathers, such as soft calf, suede and patent. When working with a natural material such as leather, the master touch of man makes the difference in the quality. High technology is combined with the handcrafted artisans of Tuscany, considered to be masters of a renowned tradition, appreciated worldwide. The result is a shoe of the highest quality, which combines the sporty elegance of the classic line with lightness and comfort.

Today Rossimoda or RM as it is known continues the heritage left behind by Mr Ferdinand Porsche. We proud ourselves in an exclusive, high quality, 100% Italian niche market in which we are an industry leader.

Rossimoda GT Design – An Italian original.

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